BrP Mission Statement

BrPhotonics (BrP) is a leading provider of advanced high-speed devices for optical communications and integrated transceiver components that enable information streaming over communication networks. The products utilize sophisticated technologies such as Silicon Photonics (SiPh) and Thin Films Polymer on Silicon (TFPSTM) to advance the 100Gbps to 1Tbps fiber-optics long haul and metro links. Brazil Photonics’ unique portfolio of small form factor components addresses CFP2 and CFP4 applications by enabling a greater network capacity through superior linearization, multi-level modulation, and other advanced techniques. .

Where we are located

R. Doutor Ricardo Benetton Martins, 1000 Parque II do Polo de Alta Tecnologia, Campinas - SP, Brazil, 13086-510,
Tel.: + 55 (19) 3705-4721
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