CPqD is an independent institution, focused on innovation in information and communication technologies (ICTs). The solutions of the contributing authors are used by businesses and institutions in Brazil and internationally in sectors such as communication and multimedia, financial, utilities, industries, and defense and security . Operating for 37 years, CPqD has more than 1,300 highly trained professionals, recognized for their creativity and commitment to high quality standards. Today CPqD has the largest program of R&D in Latin America in its area of operation and aims to contribute to Brazil’s competitiveness and digital inclusion society leading to market product technologies, mission-critical systems and technology services and consulting that benefit large and small businesses, increasing efficiency, and leveraging these business entrepreneurship in Brazil.

GigPeak, Inc. is a lead innovator of semiconductor ICs and software solutions for high-speed connectivity and high-quality video compression over the Network and the Cloud. The focus of the company is to develop and deliver products that enable lower power consumption and faster data connectivity, more efficient use of network infrastructure, broader connectivity to the Cloud, and to reduce the total cost of ownership of existing network pipes from the core to the end user. GigPeak addresses both the speed of data transmission and the amount of bandwidth the data consumes within the network, and provides solutions that increase the efficiency of the Internet of Things, leveraging our strength in high-speed connectivity and highest quality video compression. The extended product portfolio provides more flexibility to support changing market requirements from ICs and MMICs through full software programmability and cost-efficient custom ASICs.

Finep is a public brazilian company that supports science, technology and innovation in companies, universities, technology institutes and other public and private institutions. Based on Rio de Janeiro, Finep was created to finance the preparation of studies for projects and programs of economic development, but also work on improving the national technology. Its management and execution are guided by the set of federal public policy guidelines, within the framework of the National Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (Encti) and the Greater Brazil Policy (PBM). Throughout its 45 years, Finep plays a leading role in creating an environment suitable to innovation in the country. With advances in public policies in science, technology and innovation, the development agency has expanded its portfolio of financing programs for technological innovation.