BR8401 – 40Gb/s DPSK Modulator

General Description

The BR8401 is a high bandwidth polymer modulator designed for 40G long-haul and ultra-long-haul optical transponders. It can be used for NRZ, ODB, and DPSK modulation format.

The BR8401 is a compact solution targeted for Small Form Factor (SFF) 300 pin transponders.

The BR8401 includes essential features such as high temperature operation and reliability, high frequency GPPO connectors, excellent optical performance, electrical signals accessible from one side, and integrated photodiode monitor.


  • 40Gb/s optical transmission systems 39.8Gb/s to 44.6Gb/s DPSK
  • DWDM optical transmission equipment


  • Low driving voltage
  • -5 to 85°C temperature operation
  • Integrated PD monitor for precision bias control
  • Compatible with full band tunable lasers
  • Zero chirp
  • GPPO input connector
  • Evaluation kit available

Download Datasheet