BR8901-FMP – 100 Gb/s Mach-Zehnder Modulator


General Description

The BR8901-FMP is a revolutionary high bandwidth polymer modulator designed for 100G optical communications channel.

The BR8901-FMP has high bandwidth and low Vπ ensure optimal performance for this demanding application. It also enables microwave photonics applications due to it’s high analog bandwidth.

The BR8901-FMP includes essential features such as high bandwidth, low power consumption, excellent optical performance, and radiation hardness.


  • 100G optical communication systems
  • 100G On-Off Keying (OOK) modulation
  • 100G PAM4 modulation (56 GBaud)
  • Microwave photonics applications


  • Ultra-high EO bandwidth (up to 90GHz)
    • 45GHz at -3dB bandwidth
    • 80GHz at -6dB bandwidth
  • Low Vπ driving voltage
    • 3.75Vpp single-ended (DC)
  • Small form-factor (without fiber boots)
    • L x W x H = 46 x 20.5 x 5.6 mm
  • Compatible with full band tunable lasers
  • Zero chirp
  • Single-ended G3PO RF connector
  • Evaluation Kit available

Download Datasheet